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Business Filing Portal Of ACRA
Product Authentication
You can check the authenticity of ACRA certified PDF documents by scanning the QR code of the ACRA document using a QR Code reader.
Alternatively, you may enter the Authentication Number of the document and the UEN of the relevant entity and view the result instantaneously.
Authentication Number
Starting 04-Mar-2023, customers who purchase Business Profiles and Business Certificates (Incorporation/Registration) will receive 2 formats of the same document – (a) A PDF (Portable Document Format) file used for viewing and (b) an OA (OpenAttestation) file used for product verification.
To verify these products, customers can choose 1 of the 3 ways below:
  • Scan QR code on the PDF document
  • Access verification URL on the PDF document
  • Upload an OA file atTrustBar Portal(ACRA’s free verification service that helps you check if your document is issued by ACRA).